Rein Zobel is a creative virtual reality expert and has been involved with the VR field since 2013. He is also a film director and worked in commercial video production for 6 years. In 2016 he co-founded VR content creation company Maru VR Productions, which is the most productive VR company in Estonia, having completed more than 20 VR projects.

Currently MARU VR is engrossed in creating a virtual reality game called “Bootstrap Island.” That also marks the first time and estonian game has managed to receive EU funding – a grant of 150,000 euros

This immersive experience offers a Crusoe-esque adventure, challenging players to survive a night on a deserted island.

Rein is an alumnus of the European Creators’ Lab, which is an international community of artists operating with new technologies, and a host of Estonia’s most popular video game podcast “Puhata ja mängida” and a visiting lecturer in a VR lecture series at Tallinn University.

What is the driving force for people in the creative/VR industry?
How will the VR world look like in the next five years?
How can one learn about the VR world?
What are the most important characteristics and skills an entrepreneur in the creative field should possess?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of starting a VR business in Estonia?
Tune in to our episode as Rein shares his remarkable insights into the VR world. Discover how he navigates the ever-changing landscape of technology and gain valuable perspectives on the entrepreneurial aspects of this exciting industry.