Sean is a so-called serial entrepreneur, interactive marketer, educator, investor, and evangelist for innovation and startups. Aside from being Director of the Center for Digital Media Entrepreneurship at Syracuse’s prestigious Newhouse School, Sean is Chief Instigator of, founder of Student Startup Madness at SXSW (a national collegiate startup tournament), the founding advisor of student-led, and leader of the SXSW Pitch internship program that has brought more than 150 Newhouse students to the SXSW festival over the last 9+ years.

Professionally, Sean started and is Chairman of Scrappy Capital, a seed fund for rising tech cities in the US. He sold an Internet media company to a public company in 1999, was founder and president of a technology marketing firm, and started several other tech and media ventures. He holds board and advisory board positions with several early-stage tech companies, and serves on a number of charitable boards. 

We had the delightful opportunity to engage in a conversation with Sean Branagan, the director of the Center for Digital Media Entrepreneurship at Syracuse University’s Newhouse School in New York.

For this episode, Ulrike Rohn is joined by Patience Gombe, an MA student of Screen Media Innovation at the Baltic Film, Media, and Arts School. Together, they discuss teaching entrepreneurship to students in the creative fields. Throughout the discussion, they explored the reasons behind incorporating entrepreneurship education in creative curricula and examined effective strategies for imparting entrepreneurial knowledge to aspiring creative professionals.

  • Why and how should entrepreneurship be taught to film, media and creative students? 
  • If one is not interested in starting a business, why should they learn about entrepreneurship? 
  • How do different ways of teaching entrepreneurship affect one’s approach to it?