In this episode, our host Ulrike Rohn has an insightful conversation with Tobias Frühmorgen. They delved into the world of filmmaking and teaching film students, as Tobias shared his expertise on the evolving landscape of the film industry and his teaching experience.

From the challenges of green film production to the increasing demands on filmmakers in today’s dynamic environment, they explored the current and future hurdles facing the world of filmmaking. Tobias Frühmorgen shed light on the essential skills filmmakers need, the growing pressures they face, and the crucial role of team building in navigating the industry’s complexities.

At the core of the conversation was Tobias’ approach to teaching an entrepreneurial mindset to his film students. In this episode, you can hear what it truly means to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset, the initial reservations students might have, and how Tobias guides them to overcome these doubts, emphasizing the role of failure in the learning process.

In this episode, Tobias Frühmorgen shares his insights on making students pitch their film ideas, showcasing the entrepreneurial assets that contribute to meaningful filmmaking. He explains how an entrepreneurial mindset not only addresses the demands and challenges of the industry but also integrates filmmaking into the broader context of society, creating valuable contributions for the world.

Emphasizing the importance of entrepreneurial mindset, Tobias shares his belief that regardless of your role in filmmaking, being sure and clear about your work, coupled with self-confidence, is key. The episode also explores the need for new pedagogical models in universities and schools, placing students at the center of attention and preparing them for the multifaceted demands of the filmmaking landscape.

Tobias Frühmorgen

Tobias Frümorgen teaches Creative Production, European Film Heritage, and project and thesis supervision at Lusófona University Lisbon (PT) for the European Master Program KinoEyes (PT_UK_EE_IRL) as well as the Master Film Studies and Cinema Bachelors. Tobias also works in exchange programs like Looking China (PT_CN) as well as research programs like Filmterm (EE_FI_DE_PT), (DE_HU_PT), C-Accelerate (FI_PT_BEL_EE), Cyanotypes (DK_PT_IRL_AUT_NL_CZ_DE), and FilmEU Research-Innovation-Transfer (EU). Since 2020 he is also part of the curriculum, pedagogy and artistic research development of FilmEU as well as project supervisor for a yearly pilot and coordinator for a joint research project (PT_BE_IRL_EE) on Artificial Intelligence and GTP-3. Since 2021, he has been researching his artistic based PhD at the Filmuniversity Babelsberg (DE). He also works as a story analyst for screenplays and is a certified Green Consultant. More information:

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