Join Ulrike Rohn in an engaging conversation with Henrik Roonemaa on this podcast episode. Henrik Roonemaa is the co-founder and former CEO of Geenius Meedia  that  originated as an online tech news portal and grew into a flourishing media house, now owned by Estonia’s Ekspress Grupp.

In this episode, Henrik Roonemaa reflects on his trajectory, starting as a journalism student at the University of Tartu in Estonia and eventually becoming a successful journalist and startup entrepreneur. Key highlights include the pivotal moments leading to the launch of his own business, the delicate balance between journalistic passion and business responsibility, the significance of finding one’s area of passion, and the crucial role of journalists in society.

Henrik also delves into the importance of the partnerships with his co-founders, and the unique aspects of launching and running a journalistic business in a small market like Estonia, and the evolution of journalistic education over time. In this episode, you can gain insights into Henrik’s perspectives on current areas of potential journalistic endeavors and hear his advice for the next generation of journalists and entrepreneurs.