The latest workshop on May 19-20 was arranged by members of the ScreenMe consortium from Aarhus University: Mads Møller Tommerup Andersen, Jakob Isak Nielsen and Hanne Bruun. During this two-day workshop, almost 20 European researchers introduced ideas and interest around research of screen media entrepreneurship and trends in media industries and society. From these briefs raised possible paths that the diverse ScreenME network as a research and knowledge hub could lean towards in future.

On the second day of the seminar the Consortium made its first successful steps towards team-building.   ScreenMe-Net is meant to facilitate networking and collaborations, so it is of vital importance that the participants get know each other well and feel comfortable when cooperating as a group and team. These networking sessions made it clear, that even though ScreenME project has just begun, the consortium has both common interest and diversity in skills and approaches to build up a strong pan-European screen media entrepreneurship research network.  

Planning a common collaborations and futures is a bit of a challenge for a team that has actually never met. Using Zoom as our meeting place has its obvious social limitations but also some unexpected benefits, as our Finnish steering group member Päivi Maijanen pointed out: “We can meet more often in Zoom than we could ever manage physically.” The workshop demonstrated that the consortium has a strong group of participants with common interests that over time can and will be developed into new research initiatives.