4-5th of February the ScreenME-Net consortium met over Zoom to kick off the 3-year project. During the 2-day meeting extended teams of around 20 people from 7 different universities and financing bodies, gave presentations, discussed aims and means achieving them.

In the context of pandemic, the options of building international networks and sharing knowledge has its constraints and much of the discussion was dedicated to finding ways of overcoming them while not making any discount on project goals. During the breaks the teams met at the Zoom Hangouts room, giving the participants to chat in more informal contexts. The project’s consortium consists of a highly diverse group of institutions and researchers whose area of expertise varies from applied science to theory building or enhancing sustainability in the field of media production and research.

Kick-off meeting was one the 10 meetings bound to happen during the course of the year 2021 only, with an aim to increase the participants research competences, cooperation with entrepreneurs and start-ups, boost the quality of teaching and researching screen media entrepreneurship. At the end of the project we have increased our networking position and visibility in the scholarly and enterpreneurial field of screen media and established a research hub, the so-called ScreenME-Hub, at TLU.
The ScreenME-Net project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 952156.