The constant onslaught of new technologies, platformization and general mediaization are challenges that require market participants to develop a shared vision and cooperation between entrepreneurs and the university.

To find answers to the questions “What kind of future do we want?”, “What are the opportunities for cooperation between companies, organizations and the university in shaping the future?” and “How do we better reconcile the needs of market participants and the university?”, a workshop was conducted for managers and experts of companies that create and mediate content and applications for various screens and media. Participants from companies including Ekspress Meedia and Elisa attended the event organized by the Tallinn University ScreenME-Net team.

During the discussion, it was mentioned that entrepreneurs expect universities to provide them with knowledge of sectoral trends, experiences of other countries, as well as scientific results in the field, as companies are mostly “lean” and do not have in-house teams that can deal with these aspects on a daily basis. This confirmed, once again, that companies have little information about the possibilities for and methods of cooperation with the university and that finding a common language continues to be a challenge.

The meeting also accelerated the drive for a permanent form of networking between companies in the field and the university.