On March 28, 2023, a joint seminar was held between ScreenME and Tallinn University’s Centre of Excellence in Media Innovation (MEDIT) that took place in Tallinn.

The event had a range of speakers who shared their recent research and publications, and participants were welcome to ask questions and engage in discussions. The first speaker was Katri Horma, from Tallinn University, who presented her research on the diversity of explaining advertising effectiveness. Hanna Jemmer, also from Tallinn University, spoke about applying heterodox approaches for analyzing data-related innovation in media organizations. Madis Järvekülg, also from Tallinn University, shared recent research results on the adaptive creator experiences on Theta.tv and Odysee, while Andres Karjus talked about his and his colleagues’ collaboration with Ekspress Grupp in developing a prototype for a tool to measure media balance. Indrek Ibrus, also from Tallinn University, presented research on quantifying public value creation by public service media using big programming data. Finally, Vejune Zemaityte shared research on quantifying the global film festival circuit using the Cinando database by Marche Du Film/Cannes. The event also had speakers from outside Estonia. Niall O’Leary from Munster Technological University in Ireland talked about adapting and testing in the audiovisual sector specific approaches proven to improve start-up success in other sectors. Miriam Bernhard from Ilmenau Technische University in Germany spoke about the relationship between strategic technology orientation and organizational learning in media organizations.

The event ended with snacks and further discussions among participants. It was a good start to the ScreenME team’s three-day paper development sessions that continued in Laulasmaa outside of Tallinn.