Unbelievable. This is actually our last newsletter for the ScreenME project. Our international consortium has all been about networking for improving teaching, research, and stakeholder engagement in the area of screen media entrepreneurship. We have been very grateful that our activities have been funded by EU’s Horizon2020 (grant agreement 952156) for the last three years. But also this funding is coming to an end, we have kicked off many activities that will continue after the project. 

Some of us are in the new  HorizonEurope funding CresCine (101094988). Others are in the joint Chance project PSM AP. Other grant applications are being written at the moment. We will continue to collaborate in various different forms. Joint publications will be out (look out for the Journal of Media Business Studies), and not to forget the ScreenME podcast that will continue after the end of the project.  

What have we learned through ScreenME? That collaboration matters. That they are not only enjoyable but also useful. Within our consortium we talked so much about how to manage research, including research grant applications, how best to support early-stage researchers,b how to teach entrepreneurship, how best to engage industry and policymakers stakeholder. These sharing of knowledge and the discussions are so crucial. Yet, when we as academics convene at academic conferences, we hardly, if ever speak about these topics. The project gave us the chance to do do. It has been enriching for all of us, not at least also since we are a very diverse group of partners, with each bringing special expertise to the table. We are happy that we can share our learnings with you through our public deliverables. 

In this final newsletter, we share with you our journey for our last year. 

Thank you for being a part of the ScreenME journey. 

Nägemiseni, Näkemiin, auf Wiedersehen, hejdå, farvel, tot ziens, Slán go foill  and good-bye.  

Ulrike Rohn

ScreenME Coordinator

Professor of Media Management and Economics at Tallinn University, Estonia

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