Following our prominent and widely attended ScreenME conference at Tallinn University on September 14, the ScreenME consortium reconvened the following day for a series of consortium workshops and meetings.

To kick things off, Thomas Cyron from Jönköping International Business School (JIBS) led an engaging workshop centered around a practice-based approach to Screen Media Entrepreneurship. The session aimed to delve into Screen Media Entrepreneurship from a practical perspective, as participants collectively brainstormed and categorized the tangible practices associated with this field. This brainstorming exercise sparked discussions and raised thought-provoking questions among the ScreenME consortium members: What truly defines screen media entrepreneurship, and how can we comprehensively understand it? The outcomes of this workshop will play a pivotal role in refining and enriching our understanding of screen media entrepreneurship, not at least for future academic publications.

Next, Niall O’Leary from Munster Technological University in Ireland presented a task within the HorizonEuropean project CresCine. In this task led by Niall the focus is adapting and testing entrepreneurial education approaches tailored to the audiovisual sector. Niall shared the current status of this task, fostering dialogue, feedback, and fruitful discussions among ScreenME members. The meeting further underscored the strong collaborative partnership between ScreenME and Crescine.

After the lunch break, Niall O’Leary went on to offer an Entrepreneurship Teaching Workshop to the teaching staff at Tallinn University as well as the other ScreenME members Niall guided participants in a reflection on how they could enhance their entrepreneurship training for the upcoming academic year.

In summary, the day showcased the consortium’s dedication to fostering a deeper understanding of screen media entrepreneurship, promoting cross-sector collaboration, and enhancing entrepreneurship education. We look forward to building upon these insights and achievements in the future.