From February 6th till 7th Tallinn University team members Ulrike Rohn ( Professor of media economics and management/BFM), Mahendra Mahey (Senior Research and Development Advisor and Project Manager), Elena Stern (project Coordinator BFM), Madis Järvekülg (Research fellow and lecturer/ BFM), Teet Teinemaa (Research fellow and lecturer/BFM), and Meelis Sirendi (Research Coordinator BFM) used the chance to make a study trip to Aarhus University as part of ScreenMe-Net project work package 4 activities.

During the two busy days Tallinn University members received information about project lifecycles, from the stage of project idea to the final report to the European Commission. Aarhus University was represented via different departments. They kindly shared what makes them so special and how their system works, from departments at the central level to the research centers.

As part of the trip TLU members had the chance to visit different campuses and see how work is
organized. Unfortunately, due to the fog that the TLU team brought from Tallinn we were unable to see
the biggest building in Aarhus.

The TLU team expresses special gratitude to Knud Warming, who is working for the Research Support
Office Strategic Team at Aarhus University and put together such a wonderful program for our visit.