Dagmar Mäe, is an entrepreneur, a BFM alumni and a mother, who loves discovering and understanding new ideas, constantly seeking to achieve better understanding of the world around her.

With a master’s degree in Crossmedia production, she has been in the creative industries for almost 15 years. Her experience has made it possible for her to understand the creative industry as well as creative entrepreneurship very well. 

After years of working in the film industry around the world, she decided to work for an Ad Tech startup NEXD and from there on she became an entrepreneur.

Her co-founded company, Votemo, has created a platform that gives broadcasters, such as hybrid virtual event organisers, streamers and TV channels new ways to get and retain audience attention, but also offers them new ways to monetise audience interaction.

Votemo enables to engage audiences with commenting and Q&A, polling and voting tools or animated reactions, allowing the audience to share emotions, express opinions and ask questions. 

How has her background in the film industry helped her?

How and when did she know, she wanted to be an entrepreneur? 

What is her experience as a female entrepreneur, and what advice would she offer those looking to start a business?