Thomas, tell us a bit about yourself: What is your background and what do you research on?

My research background is in entrepreneurship and stakeholder communication, where I studied how different media and modes of communication shape feedback processes in new venture ideation. My ongoing research remains within this domain: Broadly, I am interested in how entrepreneurs communicate using all kinds of media and modes and how that shapes different aspects of how new organizations emerge. Last year, I have started my own business together with a friend of mine (if you like bicycles, check out and the experiences support my previous hunch that communication is an critical dimension in entrepreneurship that so far has received only limited research attention.

What is your role in the ScreenME project? 

I am one of two people officially working on the project at Jönköping International Business School (JIBS), together with Prof. Leona Achtenhagen. My role in our team is to keep track of responsibilities, help organizing events, and provide input concerning our deliverables. At JIBS, we have a strong background in entrepreneurship education and research, and I see it my responsibility to share this knowledge with others in the project. Also, having recently graduated from our PhD program, I am in a good position to provide insights concerning early career development. What do you like about the ScreenME project? I love the exchange between different universities and faculties. Seeing what other teams are researching on a day-to-day basis can be inspiring and I look forward to learning more. The people involved bring unique backgrounds and together we have an incredibly large and deep pool of knowledge. Last but not least, it’s just a very friendly group where all meet one another at eye level. It makes working in the project even more enjoyable.